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Conference Overview

Maternal mortality and significant morbidity continue to persist at unacceptable levels in our country.  As many as 50% of these cases are felt to be preventable with timely and appropriate intervention.  Similar opportunities exist to improve fetal and neonatal outcomes.  This year at the OB Challenges conference we endeavor to equip obstetrical providers with the tools and background evidence for timely interventions that will improve both maternal and fetal/neonatal outcomes. This includes areas such as obstetrical hemorrhage, hypertensive emergencies, sepsis and stillbirth.  At the conclusion of the conference attendees should be able to bring back immediately applicable best first steps to improve both maternal and fetal/neonatal outcomes.

  • Practicing Obstetricians
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Residents
  • Family Practitioners
  • Obstetrical Nurses
  • Medical Students
  • Certified Nurse Midwives
  • MFM Fellows

Dress comfortably. We recommend you bring a jacket or sweater due to air conditioning.

Course Objectives

Recognize signs of sepsis and learn initial critical steps of early management.
Understand how to identify early maternal warning signs and appropriate clinical response.
Learn an evidence-based response to management of the shortened cervix.
Learn how to diagnose cardiomyopathy in pregnancy including new etiologies related to illicit drug use.
Learn a new approach to diagnosis and treatment of venothromboembolism in pregnancy.
Review the current recommendations for optimal management of gestational diabetes to improve maternal and neonatal outcomes.
Recognize the patient with opioid use disorder and understand how to initiate best next steps in management.
Learn the evidence-based approach to evaluation of fetal death and prevention of recurrent stillbirth.
Recognize risk factors and antenatal ultrasound findings consistent with placenta accreta syndrome.
Understand the contemporary approach to postpartum hemorrhage including new medical interventions.

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