Michael R. Foley, MD

Chairman, Professor, University of Arizona
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
The University of Arizona College of
Medicine – Phoenix
Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix
Phoenix, AZ

Dr. Foley received his medical degree in 1984 from Chicago Medical School. His residency in obstetrics and gynecology and fellowship in maternal fetal medicine were completed at The Ohio State University Hospital in 1988 and 1990, respectively.

Dr. Foley has published numerous scientific articles and is a reviewer for several medical journals. He is a national and international lecturer as well as an award-winning teacher and author. He has also served as a Board Examiner in the subspecialty of Maternal Fetal Medicine. He is considered a national authority on Critical Care Medicine in Obstetrics. Dr. Foley is Past President of the Society for Maternal Fetal Medicine-National (2008) and the recipient of the Society for Maternal Fetal Medicine Lifetime Achievement Award (2013).

He is the Lead Editor of Obstetric Intensive Care: A Practical Manual, first edition published in the spring of 1997. The fifth edition was published in June 2018 (McGraw-Hill). He is also a co-editor for Critical Care Obstetrics-Sixth Edition (2018 Wiley-Blackstone).

Dr. Foley is a seventh-degree black belt and the founder of The Center for Humane Living, a 501c3 organization whose mission is “to inspire all people to live peaceful and compassionate lives.” He has been teaching students martial arts out of his home for the past 23 years and has written an award-winning book, The Art of Humane Living – Martial Arts as a Path to Peace, published in 2004. He also authored Ancient Wisdom for Life Fulfillment which was published in 2010.

He is married to Dr. Lisa Dado who is a pediatric anesthesiologist. They have three children, Bonnie (30), Molly (26) and Michael (24).